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by echs Incognito

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Just a little track I wrote about hunting imaginary monsters...


Flip the hood up, it's cold out, but I can't hold out
Pack up and roll out, there's footsteps about
The hunt is on, this little runt's gonna get got
This cunt's mine and echs is gonna mark this next spot
Stalking my prey, he won't be walking away
Look 'im dead in the eye and throw a pokeball in his face
I could call it a day but ya gotta catch 'em all they say
Find every piece make it all fall into place
This shit's crazy and I'm mad as a hatter
'Cause all I fucking find is pidgeys and ratatta
I saw a bulbasaur but before I could catch it
My train rocked up and I had to catch it (fuck!)
It's a bad habit, I'm a damn pokemon addict
This app's magic, I'm no longer an asthmatic
'cause I'm walking so much, and talking to my phone
saying "the ball is your home, don't you want to go home?"
Maybe I'm too old for this pokemon shit
I rocked red and blue for a while then I quit
That was 20 years ago, I thought I was done with it
But now you pull me back in you son of a bitch!
I'm one of the kids with my eyes on the screen
Locked in technology, the lies and the dream
Augmented reality, my eyes are deceived
Is that a high level Psyduck I see? (Yes!)
Add it to the pokedex! Battle at the same address
Step to my local gym. Don't fuck with trainer echs
It'll be a train wreck, super effective!
Send this bitch home and bring on the next kid
Your fucking fearow won't save you, your fight is farfetch'd
Wanna live a long life then you shouldn't start Death
I'm taking this too far, I should really calm myself
But if this phone doesn't charge then I may harm myself...


released July 28, 2016
Lyrics & beat by echs Incognito
Mixed by Tiney ted



all rights reserved


echs Incognito sunshine, Australia

echs Incognito...

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